Sumatra Ranch


42,323 +/- acres in one contiguous block. Shipping corrals, buildings, excellent ranch country....

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The Sumatra Ranch consists of 42,322 +/- acres and is in one contiguous block (66 square miles).  It is located within a 1.5 hour drive of Billings, MT, within 40 minutes of Forsyth, MT, 30 minutes to Roundup, MT and just 10 minutes to Melstone, MT.

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28,233 +/- Deeded Acres (Grazing)

5,596 +/- Private Lease

8,504 +/- State Lease

42,323 +/- Total Acres

This area is strong short grass and easy wintering country.  There are several creeks and many other minor drainages that run through the ranch along with many reservoirs and pits.

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Two sets of buildings are located on Sumatra Ranch and shipping corrals are on State Highway 12 at Sumatra.  The owner has 1/2 ownership in the old Milwaukee Road Yards.

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There is a known buffalo jump located there along with several sets of teepee rings.  The ranch also includes the majority of the lots in the old ghost town of Sumatra, MT.

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